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Interest in the Agency’s move to their country expressed before the Czech Republic, Denmark, Belgium, Germany, Ireland, Greece, Spain, France, Croatia, Italy, Cyprus, Hungary, Malta, the Netherlands, Austria, Portugal, Romania, Slovenia, Slovakia, Finland and Sweden . Although the Agency itself will not be involved in the selection of the new headquarters, it has to her expectations. PAP says Edoardo Iannone from the press office of the Agency, EMA accepts every year 36 thousand. visits of experts. „We need good transport links: the international, regional and local building, which will allow us to organize a number of meetings of experts, and an adequate number of hotel rooms for experts who come to the EMA, to work on the process of evaluation of medicines. For our staff are important, other factors – availability of housing, schools, and European and international employment opportunities for spouses and partners, „- said Iannone. According to the media, the authorities want the Agency to the new location decision was made as soon as possible. „That’s what I really am afraid, is that something will happen in transition – it is a real threat to public health. That is why late decision on the new location is a worst-case scenario. (…) I know that will take place in June and the European summit will a good opportunity to make a quick decision, „- said the director of the EMA prof. Guido Rasi, quoted by Reuters. EMA began operations in 1995 with the launch of a European system of licensing of medicinal products. Another major EU agenda in London is the European Banking Authority (EBA). From Brussels Lukasz Osinski (PAP) We are open to suggestions first British side – told reporters in Luxembourg Czaputowicz, referring to Friday’s requests Britain Prime Minister Theresa May, to exit the process with the EU was postponed to 30 June. „I think we should meet expectations, give a chance to the public to the British, properly parliament to develop a position. We’ll see if in the process of internal political Ms Theresa May will gain acceptance of this agreement. If not, then you need of course the extension is a good way out, perhaps with the later date „- the head of Polish dyplomacji.zobacz also Brexit: UK lacks Iron Lady [INTERVIEW with Dr. Krzysztof Winkler] „If the EU does not officially responded to the request of May, addressed to the head of the European Council Donald Tusk, but leaks from the environment point to a flexible extension option brexitu until spring 2020 years. The final decision on the matter will take on Wednesday at the top of the Heads of State and Government of the 27 Member States. On Monday Czputowicz talked about brexitu with the head of British diplomacy Jeremy Hunt on the sidelines of a meeting of foreign ministers of EU countries. „I assured him of the support of the Polish and the openness. We have to give time (UK – PAP). Perhaps it comes also to a longer extension. If there were such discussions and such expectations Britons, I think that you have to meet them” – he said. He stressed that it welcomes the proposal to extend flexible brexitu a year, we introduced the Tusk. „We’ll see whether the political agreement in the UK reached, or will be carried out elections to the European Parliament, because if we later date (brexitu – PAP), then it should be done” – he said. Czaputowicz pointed out that the starting point of reasoning Polish authorities is to avoid the worst scenario, which is bezumowny brexit. „Everything that can come out of this, or gives a chance to avoid this negative scenario, we will be well seen and reviewed” – said minister.zobacz also Brexit is the result of problems facing British society »May continues on Monday talks with the opposition, trying to gain support for the agreement on leaving the country with the EU. With her letter to Tusk on Friday that London wants to prolong the process of exit from the EU to June 30, with the option to participate in the May elections to the European Parliament if Britain failed to finalize an agreement before the exit of the Community. Sienicki We must prepare the hard Brexit / ** / (function (d, s, d) {var js = vtjs d.getElementsByTagName (s) [0]; if (d.getElementById (d)) return; js = d.createElement (s); js.id = id; js.src = „https://videotarget.pl/v1/sdk.js” vtjs.parentNode.insertBefore (js vtjs)} (document, „script „” vt-SDK „)); / ** / The men were questioned at the police station as the organizers of the event, after which the prefecture of the department of Charente (central France) submitted a report to the court the events „constitute a severe insult to both the person and office of the President of the Republic.” The prosecutor’s office opened an investigation into the „public provocation to commit a crime” and „insulting the person who is the depositary of public authority” .Około 30 „yellow jackets” protested in front of the police station in the defense of men consisting explanation. Suspects can spend the night in jail policyjnym.Premier France by Philippe Edouard criticized this „simulation execution of the head of state” and wrote on Twitter that „it is impossible for the recognition of the benefit of such banal gestures, which should be the subject of unanimous criticism and criminal sanctions.” „Yellow vest „from November 17 protesting across France against the ever-growing cost of living. In addition to the cancellation of planned for 1 January 2019 years of tax increases on fuel, which the government has already withdrawn, demanding to raise wages, pensions or unemployment benefits, report or political desiderata, including the resignation of prezydenta.W result of demonstrations across the country killed four people, and hundreds have had rany.Macron said in a televised address, which was the answer to the protests „yellow jackets” that the government will take steps to respond to the economic and social needs of the French, but there will be a change in policy by 180 degrees. (PAP) Bettel said that the chances of adoption by the House of Commons of the United Kingdom divorce agreement with the EU is estimated at „50 50”. He noted, however, that the best possible solution in terms of brexitu would be to hold a new referendum and Britain will remain in the EU. He also said that May, which on Thursday was in Brussels, is now in London. „This is proof that he wants to do everything it can to adopt an agreement” – pointed. Bettel spoke after the EU leaders agreed on the possibility of extending the brexitu, setting a new date limit the output of the United Kingdom also UE.zobacz: Or hard brexit or parting by mutual agreement a few weeks later »Brexit: It ws decision. Great output Britain from the European Union »the leaders of 27 EU countries agreed late on Thursday night in Brussels to extend the two scenarios brexitu. At first, if the House of Commons will accept divorce agreement next week, will be an extension to May 22. If you do not accept, brexit would take place on April 12. The talks lasted more than seven hours and managed to reach an agreement late in the evening. Shortly after the meeting among the „27” leaders left the building of the European Council, Tusk met with May, and then the result of many hours of negotiation presented to journalists and said that he was able to communicate with London on the extension brexitu. The conclusions adopted by the leaders of that in the second scenario, the EU „27” expects that before the April 12 United Kingdom will determine further action to be considered by the European Council. A spokeswoman for the government was questioned by journalists in the Parliament by the Prime Minister announced a draft amendment to the Civil Service Law, according to which the undersecretaries of state would go to the civil service, and the deputy ministers, which MPs, would be part of the parliamentary salaries. „Prizes can not and will not be. There will be projects that have been announced by the President of the PiS on the salaries of Members” – told reporters the government spokeswoman. She said that as announced by the Prime Minister Matthew Morawiecki significantly reduced the number of deputy ministers was also in rządzie.zobacz: „The president Duda will not be vetoed bill lowering wages MPs'” Kopcińska said that the government will keep you informed about new projects, and so will be the best algebra assignment help service same in this case, . „I commit myself to the fact that if there are projects for which state you ask, to whom are interested, will immediately inform about them” – declared. „Binding solutions have been proposed, have to adhere to, or elimination of awards and it is valid in the government of Prime Minister Matthew Morawickiego. Refund or giving prizes to the charity by the ministers of the previous government of PiS, those are the facts,” – said a spokeswoman for the government. „These are the findings today. If the new findings will be taken, whether new projects will immediately inform the state about them” – she added. According to unofficial reports from sources in the Justice original draft amendment to the Law on Civil Service assumes, among others, transfer undersecretaries of state for the civil service will not be Proceeded. From the project to be deleted records concerning. Undersecretaries of state shifts to the civil service and the opportunity to receive part of parliamentary salaries for parliamentarians, who serve as ministerial. The bill is to be found only record concerning. The prohibition on granting nagród.zobacz also Ziobro: Earnings some CEOs Treasury still too high »In early March, Prime Minister Morawiecki announced the elimination of all bonuses for ministers and deputy ministers. He also announced that in the next 2-3 months, wants to reduce the number of ministers and deputy ministers by 20-25 per cent., And the undersecretaries of state transition to a group of civil servants. So far, 21 Morawiecki accepted the resignation of deputy ministers. On Thursday, the president Jaroslaw Kaczynski announced that the prize – which Law and Justice deputy Prime Ministers acknowledged the constitutional and state secretaries, who are politicians – to mid-May will be forwarded to Caritas for social purposes. He also informed that soon will be sent to the Parliament a draft ws. Reduce the salary of deputies by 20 percent. and the introduction of „new limits” for mayors, presidents, marshals and governors and their deputies; moreover, they are eliminated have additional benefits in the leadership of Treasury companies. In December of last year in response to the interpellation PO ws. awards granted to members of the Council of Ministers deputy head of the Office of Prime Minister Paul Szrot presented a table with total gross amounts of awards for individual ministers in 2017. According to the table received 21 awards constitutional ministers – from 65 thousand. zł more than 80 thousand. zł per year; 12 ministers in the Chancellery of nearly 37 thousand. to almost 60 thousand. zł per year and the then Prime Minister of Law and Justice deputy (65 100 zł). Information on the awarded prizes aroused indignation of the opposition, which has repeatedly urged the ruling on their return. Politicians in several cities also organized a „convoy of shame” – a column of cars that stretched Trailer posters with images of the PiS politicians and the amounts allocated to them awards. Marek Sawicki was asked on Wednesday in TVP 1 with the signing of the scenes in 2010. Polish unfavorable gas contract with Russia’s Gazprom. The journalists of the weekly „Network” reached the negotiation secret instructions adopted by the PO-PSL government. They show that while the first instruction negotiation of March 2009 assumed the „defense of Polish interests,” then in the next instruction, approved by the government of Donald Tusk, in July 2009, Poland resigned „from all the major demands, guaranteeing energy security.” see also: „Vedomosti” Gazprom built approx. 25 km of the second branch of the Turkish Stream »As reported by letter, in the course of negotiations,” made a series of unexplained movements to please Moscow „, which include m.in .: resignation of approx. 1 billion zł, which Poland was guilty of Gazprom; significantly reducing the company’s profits EuRoPol Gaz, the Polish unfavorable changes in the organizational structure of the company. Sawicki did not agree with the negative assessment of the results of the negotiations of 2009 and 2010. „I still remember the year 2006 and negotiations minister (Wojciech – PAP) Jasinski, then Minister of the Treasury, the gas contract, a contract for oil. Then the gas contract was for the Polish raised, gas prices (rose – PAP) by 10 percent. ” – Sawicki said. See also: Expert: The desire to negotiate EC with Gazprom ws. Nord Stream 2 is the curtailment of EU law ‚ „Only later negotiations Waldemar Pawlak, as well as proceedings before international arbitration led to the fact that the Russians not only lowered on these 10 per cent., but also agreed to pay compensation to the end of 2011, „- he added. – „The signing of this agreement in 2006. Jasinski led by the Minister, that by 2011 the Poles paid for gas at least 14 billion zł more than we should.” „It seems that the contract, which concluded the Minister Jasinski 2022 was the time of Waldemar Pawlak corrected” – Sawicki said. He added that the contract signed by Waldemar Pawlak and his scenes were made available on the website of the Ministry of Economy and it would be good if the current government decided to publicize them again. „It is (…) to the problems of gas contracts, energy and Russia look to the long-term perspective, at least from 2005 through 2006, by the year 2010/11 – and then show the whole truth, and not only information concerning the 2010 „-zaapelował Sawicki. Relying on the rules of the Sejm, Suski said that „what does today’s opposition, is a violation of all democratic principles.” „They went and not only on violations of democratic principles, but also passed to active actions, violation of the constitution, blocking the work of parliament possibilities, and then even to the active operations and to blows” – Suski said at a press conference on Monday in Radom. See also: We have a budget for 2017? Is the Parliament column was legal? Answers to key questions about events in the Parliament »Petru not passed a budget, and that means the president can dissolve parliament» Referring to the allegation of the opposition concerning the transfer of the Friday session of the Sejm to the Column Hall, vice president of the club of Law and Justice said that under the rules, convened by the Speaker of the Sejm debate and marks the site of the meeting. „That’s what he says the opposition, an illegal place where took place the debate, is a pure lie and malicious nieinterpretacją Rules of Procedure of the Parliament,” – said Suski. In his opinion, the allegations concerning the total voting amendments to the budget are unfounded. „This is a normal procedure in almost every vote amendments are voted on together, if they are similar content (…).

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